The 15 Most Productive Habits You Can Have

  1. Wake up at the same time — Weekends, Holidays, Birthdays included. Regardless of when you went to bed. Your body will eventually let you know if you get too little sleep.
  2. Start Strong — The first 2 hours of your day set a tone for the rest of it. Get something big done right away and you will set an amazing one.
  3. Listen to an Audiobook/Read a Book on your commute — Make the most out of the boring time and learn something.
  4. Write down your Goals before you go to bed and after you wake up — Think about your dreams and goals all day and night by priming yourself right.
  5. Take Great Breaks — Do not leave your breaks to chance. Plan what you want to do and fully commit yourself to that break. Shut down completely. Recharge. Refresh. Restart.
  6. Journal Once A Day — Take some time to reflect, to reconsider your day and to put awareness on what you can do the next day.
  7. Decisive answers — Either it’s a “Hell yes” or a “No”. Everything that is not a clear yes defaults to a No.
  8. Keep a To-Do List with you — Whenever something bothers you in your head, write it on that list. Set a specific time and date for when you will accomplish it so that you don’t keep thinking about it.
  9. Remove Useless Apps, Tabs and Clothes you do not wear — Every 3 months clean your desktop, cell phone and your closet of unused items. It will make you feel much better.
  10. Spend 5 Minutes a Day Cleaning — That’s often enough to keep a relatively neat environment that will guide your productivity.
  11. Keep a Schedule/Planner — The only way to get the most out of every 24 hours you have is to record, analyze and optimize that time. A little every day, because how you’ve spent your time is all that matters at the end.
  12. Challenge Yourself — Truly invest yourself into one area of life every day. Create a situation that is challenging and give it your all. Do this at least once a day to create a sense of Pride.
  13. Engage with at least 1 Person further than you — Someone that is further towards a similar goal to yours. Engage with them, learn from them, and allow yourself to be pulled along with them.
  14. Stick to your Choices — Not all will be great, and you will always miss out on something. Stick to the choice you make, suffer the consequences and learn to make better choices rather than avoiding bad consequences. This will keep you streamlined to positive results.
  15. Laugh — Once a day, in some way, laugh as hard as you can. Watch a funny video, look at jokes online, or be childish and weird when you are alone. Seek to laugh at least once a day as happiness and productivity correlate quite a bit.


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